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The Model C4040 is much like our model C3624L.,albeit having much more working area.

It is a steel clamshell design cabinet, for ease of use in manuevuring large parts in and around the unit. There is also side door access for smaller parts.


The lid of the unit is mounted to the base with gas shocks, so you can easily and safely open and close the lid without worry of injury. Additionally, there is a safety switch mounted so the C4040 will only operate when the lid is in the correctly closed and secured position.


The large 39" X 39" Working area is well lit with flourescent lighting, and a 25" x 10" view window allows for a clear view of your blasting area.


The Model C4040 comes standard with our C3977 Dust Collection System.

The C4040 comes equipped with a 10101 Gun and a model 039 Foot Pedal. Using the 10101 Gun, we are able to use Carbide Nozzle and air jet, which far the outlast steel and ceramic counterpart. 

The 039 Foot Pedal Acts as the flow control for the blasting media. Using this system greatly eases fatigue on longer blasting jobs compared to using a traditional trigger gun; and at 25 CFM, your blasting power is greatly increased as well.



  • 295 LBS (385 W/shipping)


  • 25 CFM @ 100 PSI


  • 110/115V 50/60 Hz



  • 67" H X 42" W X 42" D


  • 30" H X 39" W X 39" D