The MODEL 350 is the heart of the sandblasting system. Operation is simple, place the steel pickup tube into a bucket of abrasive and beginsandblasting. (Compressed air required for operation)


The MODEL 100 blast gun is included with each 350 kit. It isengineered to provide the best mix of abrasive and air for fast cleaning action with minimum nozzle wear. We offer tungsten carbide andceramic nozzles in addition to hardened steel.


The 350 is designed to clean everything from lawn furniture to autofenders. It works much faster than wire brushing and easily gets intocorners and cracks more effectively, and is safer than chemical cleaners.



1 – MODEL 100 blast gun with 3/16” nozzle (2 HP compressor required for use)

1 – 10 ft. pickup hose

1 – Zinc plated steel pickup tube

1 – Extra 5/16” I.D. Nozzle

1 5/32” air jet

Shipping Weight