DBO400 / 1000 / 2500



Dee-Blast Portable Pressure Blasters are designed to make the most efficient use of yourcompressed air and abrasive supply. These are not siphon units. The tank is filled with airand blast media under pressure. When the valve is opened, the media/air mixture is released under tremendous pressure. This operation quickly removes rust, paint, scale andother coatings. Pressure blasters are 3 to 5 times faster than siphon fed machines.


All 3 units arrive complete with air gauge, pressure vessel, sandblast hood, and sandblasthose. Simply fill with abrasive and attach to your air supply and you are ready to begin blasting. Optional deadman valve available.


The pressure blast systems shown here do DO NOT have automatic safety equipment.  EXTREME CAUTION  should be used when operating these units. The pressure vessel is under pressure at all times when attached to an air supply. Whenever the unit is charged with sand, or any type of maintenance is performed, the pressure vessel MUST be disconnected from the air supply and all air exhausted from the tank. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury or property damage


Specification DBO400 DBO1000 DBO2500
Operating Pressure 60-125 PSI 60-125 PSI 60-125 PSI
A.S.M.E. Coded Vessel No Yes Yes
Sandblast Hose  7'  10'  25'
Abrasive Capacity  40-50 LB  100-120 LB  250-300 LB
Nozzle Size  1/8"  1/8"  1/4"
Shipping Weight 38 LBS 70 LBS 125 LBS