The Dee-Blast Model 50 (DBO50) is ideal for in-shop cleaning of metals, plastics and some woods. The system is sealed, preventing dust and contaminates from escaping into the work area. Blasting action is controlled by easy to use foot-pedal action gun (Model 039 Pedal and 10101 Gun). Dust collects in reusable filter bags. No harmful chemicals are used. The dust collection system is more economical because the exhaust unit is designed and engineered for the machine. It collects only dust size particles from the cabinet, Media meant for recycling falls into the hopper to be blasted again. The dust collection units are an integral part of the machine, making the Model 50 space saving and easy to maintain. All Dee -Blast Abrasives have been tested in the Model 50 and proven to be effective in performing a wide range of services. From cleaning and finishing parts where close tolerances are critical with glass beads, to light metal deburring with course metallic abrasives. Abrasive is easily changed through media cleanout at bottom of hopper.The new high output gun system has a long-lasting carbide nozzle and air jet. The standard size nozzle requires 18 CFM of compressed air. An optional 45 cfm nozzle and air jet combination is available.As with all Dee-Blast Cabinets, the Model 50 has a tough powder coat paint finish. TThe Two large side doors and 36" diameter turntable make moving parts in and out of the macine simple. Two Flourescent Bulbs light the working area to ease eye strain.


  • 35 Cubic Foot Working Capacity
  • 800 LBS load capacity
  •  Two full side opening doors
  •  36" Diameter Turntable



  • Clean large Molds and Dies
  • Deburr edges on Machined or Molded Parts
  • Remove Heat Scale, Excess Solder, Or Weld Discoloration




  •  115V 60 Hz


  • 18 CFM (45 CFM Optional)


  • Two Flourescent Bulbs



  • 76" H x 44" W x 44" D


  • 34" H x 42.5 w x 43" D


  • 405 CFM