The GC1000 is a revolution in Paint gun cleaners. Meeting air quality standards, (including S.C.A.Q.M.D. RULE 1171), this machine has the capacity to clean two standard sized paint guns at once with an average cycling time of only two minutes! It comes standard with a magnetic drive pump and screen filter for easy replacement. There is an air safety switch on the lid for your convienence, as well as a high torque motor which requires only 60 P.S.I. in order to operate. In addition to all of the above safety and convienience features, we have included 12 spray nozzles to maximizes solvent cleaning efficiency, and thereby reducing overall solvent consumption. This is the ultimate in Paint Gun cleaning technology!

Inside The Machine

This diagram illustrates the positioning of the nozzles withing the GC1000. With this placement pattern, virtually all blind spots are removed and you are left with two sparkling paint guns; cleaner than new out of the box; all in just TWO MINUTES!