PRW4024 Hydro-Pressure Wash Cabinet

Remove Grease and Oil FAST!

No more scrubbing and scraping to get your parts clean! with the our pressure-wash cabinet, you get all the parts cleaning power of a Dee-Blast Parts Washer, without the hassle of a brush! That's right, no longer do you have to worry about damaging wire brushes or grimy hands when parts cleaning with the PRW4025 Hydro Wash Cabinet.

Taking the power of a Parts Washer and combining it with the form factor and pressurization of a blasting cabinet, we have created the ultimate parts washing machine. A clam-shell design allows for easy access to and removal of parts, while a view window and light box paired with a set of work gloves gives a perfect environment to clean whatever parts your shop may need; with all the mess sealed away in the cabinet and no wire brush damage to worry about!

Operated with a foot switch, this entirely self-contained unit uses multiple pressure spray heads to clean from all angles, even the blind spots! The bio-degradable cleaning solution is self circulating and re-usable, making this one eco-friendly machine. Included is a re-usable filter, to keep your solvent clean even longer.

Features and Benefits

  • Long Lasting High-Pressure Brass Nozzles Decrease Cleaning Time
  • 3/4 HP 500 PSI Pump
  • Foot Switch for Manual and Automatic Nozzles
  • 24" Cotton Lined Gloves For Comfort and Longevity
  • 1" Gasket Seal
  • Separate Fluid intake port for clean solution
  • Re-usable filter
  • Work Lighting
  • Rubber Motor Mounts to Reduce Noise
  • 14 Gauge Steel Door Hinge for Longevity
  • 25 LBS of Solvent for use on Arrival



  • 14 Gauge Steel
  • Continuous Weld
  • Powder Coat Paint
  • 230 VAC 60 HZ Single Phase


  • 3/4 HP
  • 500 PSI
  • 3 GPM


  • 1500W
  • Room Temperature to 120 deg. F - 30 Minutes



Working : 26" H x 40" W x  24" L

Overall:      67" H     Capacity:       400 LBS.        Shipping Weight:      350 LBS.