The Model PRW5170 is a fully automatic parts washer with turntable. The system is simple, set the parts needing cleaned inside, set the timer (0-60 mins.), and walk away. When the timer is up, your parts will be impeccably clean. Drastically reduce your labor costs and clean more efficiently than a manual parts washer with this revolutionary machine. This Automatic washer uses a heated biodegradable soap, and is extremely environmentally friendly. With a pull out turntable, you can clean large, and small parts with the push of a button! The Sealless Pump design ensures maximum efficiency, and the integrated oil skimmer keeps your clreaning solution free of debris.


With a rugged 12 gauge steel construction and completely solid seam welds, this machine will deliver excellent service for years to come. 



Overall Dimensions 51" W x 43" L x 70" H
Working Dimensions 35" W x 35" L x 41" H
T.T. Capacity 500 LBS
TT. Speed 3 RPM
T.T Dia. 30"
Capacity 60 Gal.
Heaters 9000W

Filter Area 200 Square Inches
Light None
Electrical 220V, 1-Phase, 50/60 Hz, 60 Amp Breaker, 6 gauge power supply wire
Pump 40 PSI @ 40GPM
Shipping Weight  850 LBS.