The PWE30ES is the ultimate time and money saver. Our revolutionary dual-stage media self-service filtration systion bring a whole new level of solvent efficacy to your shop. The self service system allows for user maintence, cleaning, and filter replacement. This system is perfect for the DIY parts cleaning enthusiatstic , or just someone running a shop looking to save time and money. With it's filtration system, you can clean, re-use, and recycle your own solvent, whilst still meeting EPA emission standards. 

Stage 1 Filtration

The "Mud Bucket" in the drum base of the machine will filter out all contaminates down to 5 microns. The mud bucket filter can be removed, cleaned, or replaced if need be with relative ease. The recycle potential of this machine will save many headaches and empty wallets as the solvent used will last much longer. Most contaminates and sludge are gravity fed into the mud bucket filter, to be removed and cleaned later during maintenance.

Stage 2 Filtration

The remaining contaminants are then filtered through the sink side filter sock, which is also easily user replaceable. The end result of this entire filtration process is a mostly automated system of continuously supplied clean solventallowing for maximal part cleaning at minimal cost, environmental impact, and cleanup.


Grey-Dirty      White - Clean


The Self Service Concept Allows For Recycling of Your own Solvent when needed.


Sink Side Filter Elements Placed for Easy Removal and Replacement


Continuous Filtration for Ongoing Needs



Electrical: 115v, 60Hz      Working Dimensions: 10" H x  32" D x 22" W    Pump: Viton Seal 300 GPH    Capacity: 30 Gallons    Shipping Weight: 155 LBS.